Our service for diagnostic, prognostic and predictive insights to support treatment of haematological malignancies and sarcomas.1

DNA and RNA  sequencing    Uses both DNA and RNA  sequencing for sensitive detection  of translocations and fusions    1 >400 genes,  TMB, MSI    Analyses >400  cancer-related genes and   reports TMB and MSI 1

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Accepted specimen types are peripheral whole blood, bone marrow aspirate, FFPE block or slides, or extracted nucleic acid. Blood and bone marrow aspirate must be received the day after collection for optimal analysis.2 Some countries may not be able to offer the FoundationOne Heme service at present. We are working to make FoundationOne Heme more broadly available.

FFPE, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded. MSI, microsatellite instability. TMB, tumour mutational burden.
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